Anthem Release Date

Anthem Release Date

The Anthem game is being developed by Sarah Schachner and BioWare. It will be an Electronic Arts game and it will be available in these formats, the Xbox One, PlayStation 4 as well as PC.

Anthem is a game that players who like the first person shooter genre will definitely be interested in buying and playing.

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Anthem is being released on 22 February 2019, by midnight local time in every time zone, that means that some players would be lucky enough to start playing a few hours earlier. Those players who could not wait that long and pre ordered Anthem have in some cases been able to play this game since 15 February

BioWare decided that it was a good idea to stagger the exact release time of Anthem across the world to prevent their website crashing if everybody decided to try to download the game at the same time. They have experienced that on previous games, and it left customers frustrated and waiting longer before starting to play. That is precisely what happened when players all decided to download the VIP demo version of the game.

What players have been able to download and play since 15 February has been a 10 hour game trial of Anthem. Any and all progress made in those 10 hours will be saved for each player and they will be able to resume from that point once they have loaded the full version of the game. This means the players will not have to start again from scratch.

The 10 hour trial was only available to Electronic Arts subscribers for PCs and the Xbox One and was not extended to PlayStation 4 subscribers. It was anticipated that the 10 hour trial and the staggered release times globally would allow for a smoother release experience for customers worldwide. It would also make it a better couple of days for everybody involved in the game release process as a staggered release is easy to manage than having to fix website outages and dealing with customers upset that their enjoyment of the game was delayed.

Players will soon therefore find out how well this multiplayer shooting game will play for them. Early indications are that this game is best played when multiple players cooperate with each other to get the mission completed. It would seem that Electronic Arts are aware that not everyone will be able to play the game without early glitches and technical problems. They have thus made a day 1 patch available. They hope that this should resolve all the issues for players that have pre ordered the game.

By 23 February you will be able to play Anthem wherever you are based in the world. Hopefully you will be able to play the game without any problems, and the only thing you will need to worry about is having enough skill to complete the game.

The time is here to enjoy playing Anthem and get fully embroiled in all that fighting.

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