FPS – Improve Your Aim With 5 Easy Tips (Q4 2019 Update)

FPS – Improve Your Aim With 5 Easy Tips (Q4 2019 Update)

Improving your aim in the FPS world of gaming is key to your success and of course without good aim you’ll get owned, over and over again…

1. Get a Proper Gaming Mouse

Possibly the most important single factor is the equipment you are using, and in this case the mouse is going to be the crucial item to get right. Don’t worry about spending a fortune on a mouse with lights and so on, you should be able to pick up a top quality FPS mouse for around $50 or so online. Make sure you sit ergonomically, making sure that you aren’t straining your wrist, arm or back. In the long term this will make a huge difference. Remember that mouse is your link to the world of the game, and if it’s not operating at peak capacity you will be limiting your potential.

2. Game Settings

Go into the Options menu, and select the Controls. You should be able to change the sensitivity of your mouse here. This will change how much your mouse reacts to your movements. There are, however, two schools of thought here and you will have to experiment with them both. Some argue that setting the mouse sensitivity to a low setting improves aim since it forces you to be more responsive in order to hit your target. The other school insist that a higher sensitivity increases accuracy. My solution to this would be to try both, but also, think about training on a low sensitivity and then raising the sensitivity as you improve.

3. Use The Practice Ranges Within The Game

While you are practicing in the range take your time with your shots, try to focus on accuracy rather than speed. The speed will naturally come later. Train with different types of shots as well. For example you want to train flick shots (fast single shots) as well as tracking shots (following the target with the crosshair). This will give you the variation you will need to be able to take on any situation.

4. AIM Training (Deathmatches)

Another way to improve your skills is to branch out into separate Aim Deathmatch Games. These are very basic games which train the player in accuracy and speed, as well as improving your spatial awareness and movement which is crucial when you are in a fluid combat situation. These Aim Training Games help you to break bad habits and form new, better ones. There’s a large variety of these, but some simple browser based games include AimBooster and 3D Aim Trainer.

5. Lastly, Make Sure You Get Enough Rest Between Sessions

Your body needs to be refreshed and recharged for you to be operating at the highest level you can be. If you are tired your reaction times will certainly suffer but so will your aim. Your accuracy can drop by a great deal if you are too tired to focus. The importance of this was emphasised in eSports by Dr Bourneman, the director of sleep medicine at Olmsted Medical Centre in Minnesota, who pointed out that the body cannot be conditioned to thrive on less than 6-8 hours sleep per day. So train hard but rest up in between.

Happy Gaming and Good Luck with the Aiming Training, any questions drop us a comment below.

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