Mario Kart Tour Release Date Changed

Mario Kart Tour Release Date Changed

Move over Pokémon Go. America’s next big mobile gaming sensation is almost upon us and he is certainly a familiar face worth the longer than expected wait. After an unfortunate false start, smartphone users will officially be able to start their engines and ignore their bosses this summer

Originally announced to the world on January 31, 2018, MarioTour, the newest mobile game was set to come out by March 31. This past January, Nintendo revealed the delay as part of its latest quarterly earnings report.

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The game can now be enjoyed this coming summer. While certainly disappointing news to fans, it should be for the best. Releasing a statement to investors, Nintendo stated a desire to make the game as impressive as possible including a variety of content not just for the game, but also after launch.

As most already know, Mario Kart is a series of go-kart-style racing video developed by Nintendo based on the ever popular characters. The original iteration debuted on the Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES) to critical and commercial success in 1992.

As of this writing, six Mario Kart iterations have released. The latest game MarioKART 8 Deluxe debuted on the Nintendo Switch April of 2017. The series has sold over 100 million copies worldwide.

With the rise of mobile gaming, this will be the gaming giants second attempt at bringing everyone’s favorite Italian brothers to smartphones world wide. The company delivered SuperMARIO Run for iOS December 2016 and for Android March 2017.

The side-scroller found players controlling our main character as they try to collect all of the coins. The game quickly became one of the fastest-growing apps. It was downloaded more than 50 million times worldwide during its first week of release and around 300 million times and counting.

It will be interesting to see what Nintendo decides for a price. One criticism of Run was that the company decided to charge $10 dollars. As most know, smartphone Apps are generally free or come with just a couple dollar fee, $10 is an eye-opener. That said, the brand should deserve a higher price assuming everything is up to par. Another reason why the delay may be for the best.

The new iteration is said to be free at launch, but like its predecessor, after a trial run I am sure Nintendo will require some sort of payment before continuing or accessing the full scope of the game.

With the brands success through the years, no one can deny the impact on pop culture. To everyone’s delight, the company even announced an animated feature film set for 2022. It is hard not to love at least something about this creative world.

The delay is obviously disappointing for fans, but if it means the company produces the best possible experience than it will be worth it. Enthusiasts will just have to settle for the console versions. It may be a set-back, but if fans have learned anything over the years, you can’t keep a good plumber down!

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