Top 5 Best Games for Nintendo Switch 2019

Top 5 Best Games for Nintendo Switch 2019

It is with no doubt that the coming of the Switch was the beginning of a new generation of games. Many peoples wondered how the new company would be able to manage against the increasingly competitive console market just after Wii U was released. However, it completely defied all expectations with its handheld console. Alongside the release of the switch, came the universally recognized the legend of Zelda. Since it was launched two years ago, we are not yet to experience any shortage of games. With time, the library has been expanding massively.

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With all that said, here are the finest Switch games that if you play today, they will not deny you fun.

1. The City of Brass

For sure as for now only this game can claim that it was made by some of the most talented developers behind the first two Bioshock games. If you played it of late, you could practically smell the pedigree on every corner of its generated streets. Here you will play as a notorious thief who is searching for treasures. Though you will find plenty of them, you will have to encounter traps not forgetting monsters. Therefore, so that you can have a successful mission, using whips and swords will be inevitable.

2. Travis strikes again

Image Source: Nintendo Life

If you are a true gamer, it will take time before you meet an amazing game similar to this. But when you consider it was developed from the minds legendary Japanese developer, that’s hardly surprising. It mainly features the return of foul-mouthed anti-hero Travis Touchdown. Though there have been lots of games woven into it, it is a genuinely unusual Suda51 style.

3. Night in the Woods

You don’t have any excuse now since it’s on Switch. Although at times it may look like an adventure of cats and crocodiles, it is far much dark than that. In this story, there is sub-current of mental health issues concerning identity and failure, death, love and all kinds of pain. Usually, you will play a young girl who works on how she will come home after dropping out of college to a town that is both good and bad. Her story is narrated through platforming and Rhythm action.

4. Snipperclips

If you are not only looking for real fun but also hilarious multiplayer experience, look no further than this game. And if you have a joy con, you can team up with your friends to fill out some amazing and challenging puzzles. They are wonderfully designed around a light screen. This makes it perfect for a small café. As you control the beautiful shapes, the more the fun.

5. Everspace

It is one of the latest games to be released. Originally, it combined the death cycle of a roguelike. When you play the game, you have the freedom to collect gear though you lose them when you succumb. After you die, your experience in the game will entirely net your permanent perks that will make the next run easier.

We hope this guide helped you grab the best Nintendo Switch games on the market in 2019, if we missed any games you can let us know in the comments below 🙂

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